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by | Nov 5, 2015 | Business

One of Australia’s oldest cities is quite a bit older than commonly thought. Its history as a population centre for the Turrbal and Jagera indigenous people of the area predates European settlement, meaning that this spot at the outlet of the Brisbane River has been used as a meeting place for people for thousands of years. And this trend has changed very little of late. Brisbane’s appeal as a meeting point for business and world leaders was solidified in 2014, when the G20 summit paid a visit.

So it only follows logic that Queensland’s capital serves as an outstanding venue for corporate events. It’s connection to the business world, along with its amenities and remarkable climate, have resulted in Brisbane gaining a reputation as one of Australia’s top cities to secure a conference venue and do some business.

As Brisbane’s top provider of conference venues, Corporate House can help you to solidify your plans in to concrete action. Our advantage is our variety: we are sure to have the right venue for your plans, based on the size of your staff, or the motif you’re intending to create.

All of our offerings come with Corporate House’s highly regarded devotion to our customer and their own satisfaction. We intend to help you find a conference venue in Brisbane which will provide the setting for an unforgettable conference in this remarkable city, and will not rest until you are more than satisfied.

Give us a call and we can make it happen for you.

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