Spaulding Decon Offers Police Department Services in Florida

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Business

Police officers receive specialized instruction in their academy in a number of areas, including federal, state, and local ordinances, communicating with the public, accident investigation, civil rights, and criminal psychology. But most officers are unprepared to help families clean up after a traumatic event. Involved individuals often ask officers for advice on cleaning up after hoarding or after a meth lab. Other events where officers need specialized training include the discovery of an unattended death of a family member, a suicide, or a crime scene. Many officers want to be able to help families during these events. Therefore, employees working at Spaulding Decon offer police department services in Florida.


Since the founding of our company in 2006, we have been working with police department services to train officers in helping landlords and families in cleanup after hoarding is discovered. Hoarding takes on many different forms, including animal hoarding, food hoarding, and paper hoarding. With our expert guidance, departments will be able to work with the public showing compassion and discretion. During our lectures, police department services learn how to speak to hoarders to get them the help that they need.

Meth Labs

Many police departments do not know how to guide landlords in cleaning up a former meth lab site properly so that they do not break state laws. Since 2005, Spaulding Decon’s employees have been providing cleanup across the nation following the discovery of meth labs. The laws vary across states but often require an industrial hygienist to complete testing before and after cleanup. Furthermore, the landlord may need to perform asbestos testing before the industrial hygienist may begin working.

Crime Scene and Unattended Death

While officers are extremely talented at investigating crime scenes and unattended deaths, many do not have proper training in assisting the community to clean up after these events. People must follow many federal, state, and local ordinances. Therefore, it is good for police departments to have people on staff who can take a leading role in helping families understand the law, including proper cleanup and disposal of contaminated items that might include bodily fluids. Additionally, officers who take the training we offer receive additional training in how to handle stress caused by these events, along with training in who pays for the cleanup.

Our company proudly offers a 14,000-square-foot facility where vehicles can be cleaned and stored, along with the knowledge of how to properly secure valuables that the family may want at a later date. As one of the largest decontamination services in the United States, we enjoy a wonderful working relationship with many police department services.

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