Multi-Phase Programmable Power Sources In Action

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Business

The world is a much different place than it was when our grandparents were making their way in the world. America was still finding its bearings and the science we think of today was considered science fiction. Sure, we don’t have flying cars, but we do have electric cars and hybrid cars and the necessary technology for hypersonic planes (planes capable of flying above the atmosphere) and of course, the newest craze in aeronautics, we have drones. We aren’t living on the moon or Mars, but we are making discoveries and collecting data from Mars that is substantial in our understanding of it and our chances of survival there. We don’t eat space beans or pour space food into a bowl and throw it in the microwave to magically transform into a turkey dinner, although frozen meals can be pretty impressive.

Science: It’s Worked For Us So Far

All of the advancements listed above are a result of science and technology. Without the hard work and research done by brilliant minds around the world, we wouldn’t be able to do tests on Mars’ soil or have electric charging stations for our cars at shopping malls. One area of applied science that is often overlooked and gets a bit of a bad reputation is military science. Many people would assume military science and research only concerns itself with building lethal weapons and that just isn’t true. Much of the success of a military’s success depends on protecting its troops and in order to do so researchers must test everything that is used in the field. For this reason, a reliable programmable AC power source is one of the most important tools a military researcher uses.

Military Science

Because a programmable AC power source is so efficient, it’s often used in military research. Without military research, we wouldn’t have the Internet or Global Positioning system, GPS. And while conspirators believe the military and the government are busy tapping into our phone conversations and reading our text messages, it sounds more like they are working at making our troops more effective and functional. With emphasis on developing stronger structural fibers for planes and missiles or putties that will replace casts for broken bones, one area they seem interested in is fabrication of stronger materials. Another is in language. Whether it’s tools for nations to speak to each other without a translator or help us all understand the jargon some of our bosses use, military research is being developed to focus on making us all better and more effective communicators.

Alternating Currents In Action

Alternating currents and three-phase power application can seem complicated at first, but as with most things, the more applications you discover for it, the more familiar it will become.

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