Slat Wall: A Flexible Storage Solution

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Business

Even the most organized among us have our systems. We worked hard to come up with the perfect storage solution for bills, recipes, coupons, photos, our children’s toys, kitchen spices, bathroom accessories, and even shoes and clothing. But, we were not satisfied organizing just our homes. We have organized our offices, too. You, see, those of us who are highly organized have to be precise and detailed. We cannot stand it any other way. Clutter and disorganization leads to stress for us and sometimes even panic attacks. So, we organize. We find a place for everything, and we keep everything in its place. Life just works better that way. Of course, there is still hope for those among you who are not so organized. There is even hope for those of you who are downright messy. This hope lies in the form of slat wall. Slat wall makes it easy to get organized. But, what exactly is slat wall? Keep reading to learn all about it.

What is Slat Wall?

Slat wall is a highly-flexible, not to mention innovative, way to create a storage system. You may have seen slat wall used in retail stores to display merchandise for sale, as well as in garages to hang and organize tools. So, what is exactly is slat wall? Slat wall is 4’x8’ panels, that are usually made from medium-density fiberboard finished with a melamine paper laminated onto one or both sides. However, they can also be made from aluminum. Grooves are machined into the panels at regular intervals. Then, the storage system is created by sticking plastic or aluminum inserts into the grooves.

Why Choose Slat Wall?

Slat wall has many benefits over other storage systems, such as shelving. Shelving can cost a great deal of money, especially if you need to install lots of shelves. It can also be time consuming and frustrating to install. For example, if you do not hang shelving right, it can fall and cause damage to your belongings or injury to a person or pet. People can also walk into shelves, causing great pain, at the very least, and potentially a bad injury. Shelving is also not very flexible. Shelves can be moved, obviously, but this is also time consuming. It involves drilling new holes in the wall and patching the previous holes. Conversely, slat wall is a much less expensive alternative. It is also easier to install. It mounts flush against walls, thereby preventing people from bumping against it. Slat wall is also very flexible. While the slat wall itself remains stationary, the inserts move quickly and easily, which allows you the most options for your storage system. Because these inserts do not require any screws or other hardware, it is simple to rearrange them as your storage or display needs change.

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