Should You Consider Duct Cleaning in Dunedin?

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most people have seen advertisements about duct cleaning in their area, but the question to ask is whether or not it is a necessity. While it won’t hurt to have the ducts cleaned in Dunedin, there is no physical evidence that provides regular cleanings of your ducts will have any added benefit. However, most people who have their ducts cleaned do notice improvements.

Typical Improvements

Almost everyone who has their ducts cleaned in Dunedin and other areas remark at how their allergies improve, and HVAC systems will usually work more efficiently. Mold, pet dander, smoke and a lot of other allergens will enter the duct system over time. The flow of air will push these allergens into the air in your home, which will recirculate the poor air over and over. Cleaning the ducts will remove much of the allergens, allowing for better breathing.

The same is true of more efficient HVAC systems, which can lead to long-term savings. Most of the time, duct cleaning will be included with your regular maintenance checkup so that dirty blowers and coils are cleaned as well, leading to better efficiency of up to 40 percent.

When to Clean Ducts

While some people believe that cleaning the ducts of your home once a year will work wonders for your allergies and saving money, professionals agree that regular cleanings are not usually required unless you have pets, children with severe allergies or asthma and smoke inside your home. When you start noticing small problems, such as higher utility bills, you may consider having ducts cleaned. You may also want to consider duct cleaning when you are very congested.

How to Clean

As with almost anything to do with HVAC problems, you should never try to clean your ducts on your own. Doing it on your own could result in damage to the HVAC system and even more allergens being put into the air. If you want your duct cleaned, you should hire a professional HVAC contractor because they have the licensing and certifications required to do the job properly.

Whenever you choose to clean the ducts of your Dunedin home, schedule a complete maintenance check of the entire system. Make sure to mention that you want the ducts cleaned during the check. This way, coils, blowers and ducts will be cleaned, and everything will be tested to ensure it works properly.

Duct cleaning in Dunedin may not have proven health benefits, but it is still an important aspect to ensure clean ducts. Consider Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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