Purchasing Wholesale Merchandise

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Business

Anyone wishing to be successful in the retail trade business must know the best ways to source merchandise at wholesale prices. There are a couple of different wholesalers; those that purchase high volumes of the same merchandise directly from the manufacturer and those that purchase salvage merchandise in NC. Both of these wholesalers provide the retailer with ample opportunity to purchase at one price, stock the product in a retail environment and sell at a higher price. The difference between the buy price and the sell price is the retailer’s gross margin, an important part of the retailer’s profit.

Purchasing in volume direct from the manufacturer speaks for itself, to do so the retailer must be in a position to purchase reasonably high volumes of identical or at least, very similar, merchandise. If, for example, the retail store sells clothing the owner will have to purchase high volumes of say, shirts. The shirts do not have to be the same size and fabric design. On the other hand, if the retail store sells building material, multiple bags of cement must all be the same.

Many small retails that wish to offer a substantial range of goods can also purchase goods at wholesale; however, the volume requirements are different as they will be purchasing salvage merchandise on NC by the pallet load. Wholesale salvage merchandise is that which at one time was returned by the original buyer, slightly damaged floor display merchandise, sample goods, etc. There may be some damage depending on what the merchandise is but in the majority of cases damage does not mean that the product cannot be sold.

Salvage merchandise in NC is ideal for a retail operation that deals with a customer base that is not all that concerned with the packaging or a slight imperfection, these customers are quite willing to trade these minor issues for considerable savings.

Although the merchandise is the same there is two ways for it to get to market. From a retail point of view, the retail merchant will buy pallet loads of somewhat similar merchandise from the wholesale salvage merchandiser. Those who sell at wholesale purchase pallet loads from various sources such as store returns and overstock from major retailers. The merchandise can be anything from drugstore items, small appliances, tools, toys and much more. A complete pallet load of merchandise will be comprised of various quantities depending on the commodity but in all cases the merchandise, when displayed in a retail setting, can easily double the retailer’s purchase price. For more information visit Bottom Dollar Wholesalers.

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