Making The Most Of Your Booth At Tradeshows In NYC

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Advertising

If you have decided on buying a booth at one of the small business tradeshows in NYC there is a great potential in not only getting your name and brand out there but also in making a significant number of connections as well as sales.

It is estimated at any of the top small business tradeshows about 70% of attendees have the authority to make a deal for a purchase. It is essential to go into the tradeshow with a positive, professional attitude to highlight yourself, your business, and your products.

The most popular type of B2B small business tradeshows will have a wide range of different types of booths. The best organized national shows will provide exhibitors with a complete reference guide which will outline what the organizers will provide, the size of the area and the features requested, as well as any limitations on what can or cannot be used in the booth or exhibit area.

Review in Advance

Carefully review these guidelines well in advance of the small business tradeshows. If you are bringing in your own booth, displays, audio/video set up or other types of equipment verify it meets the requirements and make any necessary changes to bring it into acceptable standards.

It is also a great idea to do a mock set-up of the booth right from scratch. This will let you know the time you required in the process and also allow you to get a look at what the finished booth will look like.

The Message

It is important to keep in mind top small business tradeshows will have thousands of attendees going through the exhibit area in one day. Your booth has to have a distinctive and clear message which stands out and creates interest.

One way to focus a message on a booth at small business tradeshows is to use a large, simple and colorful infographic. This is more than a chart or a set of bullet points, and it can point out the features of your product or service in a single, clear image.

Another important issue is branding. Your booth at small business tradeshows should be clearly representative of your company. This includes a prominent display of the company name, company logo, company colors and the one or two products being promoted.

By checking your booth before attending small business tradeshows, you can make minor adjustments which will positively impact your visibility at the event. Remember to read the information provided by the organizers as well, as they often provide a number of helpful hints.

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