Looking for Comfort in Mastectomy Swimwear

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Business

Recovery after breast cancer treatment often involves more than just a physical recovery. Part of the joy and challenge of surviving breast cancer is thinking about fashion, particularly when thoughts begin about wearing swimsuits. Some women find wearing swimwear again to be a challenge, but post-mastectomy swimwear is designed to make one feel more comfortable and stylish as well.

Swimwear Features
Post-mastectomy swimwear shares some common features to make women feel more comfortable as they swim.

There are breast pockets that help keep prosthetic breasts in place. Natural breasts can be smoothed with soft cups that are removable which allows breast forms to be inserted in their place. Straps are wide and adjustable so that the inserts can be balanced, and breasts can be kept symmetrical.

Mastectomy swimwear is also designed to fit snugly so that natural breasts and the prosthesis are kept firmly in place against the chest. Necklines tend to be high to hide potential scarring and arm openings are also high. There are also tummy control features to flatten and firm the belly.

Insert Types and Sizing
Women who have undergone mastectomy surgery usually wear a prosthetic breast insert as it is more comfortable. The insert is placed into the breast pocket that is attached to the inside of the bathing suit.

The most popular insert pad for swimwear is made of silicone, although some women prefer foam breast inserts as they are more lightweight than silicone ones. Whichever one is selected, it may become slightly enlarged while swimming as both types tend to absorb some water.

Insert sizes typically depend on the manufacturer. Some inserts are measured in terms of small, medium, and large while cup size measures others. Size charts should be consulted before the purchase of an insert.

Swimwear Styles
One piece mastectomy swimsuits provide full coverage and support. Many styles and designs are available but the primary objective when looking for such a swimsuit is a comfort. Once the right swimsuit is found, one can truly begin the healing process and once again enjoy the wonderful exercise afforded by swimming.

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