Finding the Best Online Source for Number 4 AWG Marine Battery Cable

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Business

When you shop for materials like number 4 AWG marine battery cable, quality and price are essential to review. This is why so many people shop online for electrical wiring like welding cable, coax, electronic, and marine cable. Where is the best place to buy your supplies? Here are some helpful tips for finding the top online source for wiring.

Determine Your Needs

Are you in the security and alarm business? If so, choose a supplier with a good selection of security wiring. Perhaps you are in the boat building or boat repair business? Materials like number 4 AWG marine battery cable or #10 through 16 marine primary wire should be readily available.


If you are shopping for battery wire, check for these important features:

  • Underwriters Laboratory label – this assures that the product has passed fire safety regulations.

  • Tinned copper conductors – copper wiring with a tin coating is the best choice, as it will provide longer wear and greatest corrosion resistance.

  • Resistance to marine environments – your number 4 AWG marine battery cable should be resistant to oil, water, salt, acids, abrasions, and alkalis.

  • Rated for extremes of temperatures – battery cables should have a heat resistance from 105 to minus 20 degrees Celsius (221to -4F).


If you choose a brand new company for your supplies, you could be highly disappointed when they suddenly go out of business. It’s best to go with a company with at least 20 years of experience. You can depend on them to be there for you when you need the assistance.

Multiple Shipping Centers

When you select a company with several shipping centers, you can be assured of timely shipping and deliveries. Plus, they are less likely to be out of stock. This means less waiting time on orders. A reputable supplier with several fulfillment centers can usually ship your order in 24 hours.

Custom Orders

Although many marine suppliers carry materials like number 4 AWG marine battery cable in lengths of 25 to 100 feet, you can also special order your supplies when needed. This way, you do not have to order more than you can use.

Customer Service

When you need assistance, the best suppliers are there with dependable customer service. You can contact them via email anytime of the day and they will respond within a reasonable amount of time. Also, during business hours you can call toll free for help.

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