Keep Your Family Comfortable Using Heating Repair in Loveland

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Living in or around the Loveland area has a lot of benefits, mild summers, beautiful country and wonderful people. Unfortunately, it can also have the drawback of some very cold winters. There are many ways that a family can deal with this problem, but one of the most common is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This appliance comes in a multiple cabinet configuration where the main unit is installed in either a custom closet, an attic or basement. The other part of the system houses the AC condenser and is installed outside the building in order to vent any accumulated heat. Keep your family comfortable with heating repair services from Tri-City.

HVAC furnace systems use either gas burning furnaces or electrical resistance. The efficiency of either of these types depend on the model, its age and how well it has been serviced. Heavy usage can also cause parts of the furnace to wear out and break down. Heating appliances do not have user serviceable parts so the best way to address this problem is using Heating Repair in Loveland. The repairs themselves can range from electronic troubleshooting to regulator replacement.

In most cases of furnace failure the appliance simply quits functioning or never comes on at all. The fault could be in several places including the internal electronic controls or the system thermostat. Modern thermostats use many electronics and today’s devices have been known to fail without warning. If the furnace technician determines the thermostat is the cause it may be easier to simply replace this item. Most of the newer models aren’t designed to be repaired because it isn’t cost effective. If the problem is a fault in the furnace’s internal electronics it may be possible to switch out the component fairly quickly.

Staying warm during the cold season is vital to your family’s health. To make this possible you need quality equipment that you can rely on. This means having your HVAC system serviced at least once a year. It is recommended by most manufacturers that you have the AC serviced in the early spring and the furnace serviced in the early fall before the appliance is used. Proper service and Heating Repair in Loveland from an expert contractor like Tri-City can help your appliance last for many years and keep your family comfortable.

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