Is IKEA Delivery Service Worth it?

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Furniture

We’ve all been there. You’re roaming the endless halls of IKEA looking for one item, and you wind up buying fifteen. Sure, maybe you don’t really need that floor lamp, but how will you know until you get it into your home and try it out? The worst part, however, is when you’re paying for everything, and you suddenly realize that your compact, fuel-efficient car won’t fit all your new stuff. Should you return some things, or should you get it delivered? The short answer is: use the delivery service. Here are the top reasons IKEA delivery service is worth it.

One Flat Rate
Whether you just need them to deliver an end table, or you just bought an entire living room set, IKEA delivery service will transport everything to your house for one low price. Finally, you have a reason to go overboard with your shopping, since you might as well take advantage of the flat rate delivery. You’d be foolish not to, really.

Online Shopping
While the experience of going to IKEA is something that most of us want, the simple fact is that we can’t always make it out to the blue and yellow store. Luckily, online shopping means that we are just a click away from our next Hemnes set of drawers. And again, since IKEA delivery service is just one flat rate, might as well buy a nightstand too, right?

If you’re not the handy type, then perhaps the idea of putting together Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) furniture leaves you in a cold sweat. No fear, as IKEA’s delivery service will not only bring your Mostorp TV stand to you, but they’ll assemble it for you as well. Convenience has never been so convenient. Just make sure to tip them, though, since IKEA furniture assembly is no joke.

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