Improve Security with Identive Cards

by | May 29, 2015 | Business

Businesses all around the world are becoming more and more concerned with their security and safety. They are using plastic indentive cards to help with this issue. ID cards are used in a number of different industries in many different ways. The ID security on these cards increases security measures as well as other functional uses. Most ID cards are made of the standard PVC type. These ID cards are completely biodegradable. These cards are also extremely durable and the print quality on these cards is excellent. The ID cards can have numerous security features added to them to customize them to your needs. Here are some examples of security features that can be added to your ID cards to fit them to your specific needs and wants.

Photo and Magnetic Stripe Identive Cards

Adding photos to identive proximity cards can guard against unauthorized people gaining access to restricted areas or facilities. This is effective where other means of identification are either disabled or not available to the area at all. Having magnetic stripe or proximity technology installed on your card to create access control technology in your facility. This makes it possible to swipe your card for access to certain areas without having to go through a security check.

Fingerprint and Computer Systems

Fingerprint and signature systems verify the identity of people to make sure that only authorized people gain access to secure areas. Holographic overlays are also an option to generate safe watermarks that make ID cards very difficult or impossible to falsify or duplicate. These holographic overlays and laminates are guaranteed to stay secure and durable. All of these security options are often connected to a central computer system. These computer systems can grant or limit accessibility to individuals as needed and entered into the system. If the card is lost or stolen the whole card can be simply be erased from the system easily. OVC magnetic stripe proximity ID cards are about the most secure ways to gain or deny access available to businesses today.

These ID cards can be used especially for access control because it can allow a company to identify who belongs or who does not belong to their company. It also allows the company to expand or retract the number of people allowed into certain areas at the touch of a button. When you are purchasing new cards for your company, always try to find the best quality cards with the most room for future expansion. For the best quality for the price contact Badge Express to find the right card for you.

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