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If you are in the market for aluminum plate for sale, there are many choices to consider. For example, do you need cast or mold plate? Here is information to help you make the best decision.

Cast Plate
Cast plate is commonly used for:
* Jigs

* Core plates

* Foundry backing plates

* Dial plates

* Pattern plates

* Inspection fixtures

One of the most common types of cast plate is known as cast tool and jig plate. Alcoa makes the popular MIC 6 product, and PCP Canada produces Alca5.

MIC 6 is designed to not only minimize but eliminate machining and temperature fluctuation distortions. The goal is to produce plates with a high degree of consistency. This creates the exact same material each and every time.

During the manufacturing process of MIC 6, most impurities are removed, providing optimum cleanliness. For many operations requiring a lot of cuts and material removal, distortion can be a real problem. MIC 6 offers extremely precise control of tolerances. Since entrapped stress can cause major problems in the casting process, MIC 6 is commonly used for its stress relieving properties.

Alcoa recommends using MIC 6 with high speed machines to minimize backlash. High feeds and speeds should be used when rough cutting and low feeds and high speeds for optimum finished cuts.

Alca 5 Aluminum Plate for Sale
Alca 5 is offered as an alternative to MIC 6. Alca 5 is certified 5083. 5083 is made from magnesium, chromium, and manganese and is excellent for maritime vessels, because it resists corrosion from seawater. 5083 performs well in industrial environments and retains a great deal of strength after welding.

Alca5’s density is five percent less than MIC 6. This means, each part produced will weigh five percent less, making it a cost effective alternative to MIC 6. However, MIC 6 is still an excellent choice.

Aluminum Mold Plate
Mold plate is commonly used for injection mold processes. M-1 is a standard product produced by Alphase. Its rapid cool down rate can increase work efficiency and productivity. Many companies prefer M-1 for rubber molds and blow molding operations.
Alphase also produces a product known as M-5 with low density and a five percent savings on weight. M-5 has excellent polishing properties and dimensional stability before and after machining.

Wrought Plate
Wrought aluminum is identified by a four digit number. Wrought plate can be purchased in 6061, 2024, 7075, and other alloys. It is often used in applications not requiring a high degree of exact tolerances, and excellent ductility.

Whether you need mold, wrought, or cast aluminum plate for sale, it’s best to go with a proven supplier. This insures maximum operating efficiency. A good aluminum supplier is there to answer all your questions and provide innovative and useful products now and in the future.

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