Important Information on Dental Care for Tooth Abscesses in Wichita

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Dentist

While there are many conditions that can affect the health of your smile, one of the most serious is an abscess in the tooth. If left untreated, this condition can cause permanent damage and can lead to life-threatening complications. This is why it is crucial a person receives routine Dental care in Wichita. This can allow any cavities to be found before an abscess occurs so the tooth is not in danger of permanent damage.

An abscess forms when a tooth has a cavity and is not treated properly. When the body begins to try and fight against the infection, this leads to a build up of pus in the tooth. An abscess can cause damage to the tooth and can lead to the infection spreading through the cardiac system and into the heart. A person who is suffering with an abscess will often experience these symptoms:

1. Intense and ongoing pain in the tooth
2. Increased sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold liquids, foods or air
3. Swelling in the jaw or gum tissue
4. Swollen lymph nodes in the jaw area that are tender
5. Foul breath
6. Fever

If you have any of these symptoms, it is crucial you seek Dental care in Wichita right away. The dentist will treat an abscessed tooth by first working to remove the pus. This is done by draining the tooth so the pressure is relieved. Once the pus has been removed, the dentist will try to save the tooth by performing a root canal procedure. This procedure opens up the tooth and removes the diseased inner portions. Once the tooth has been completely cleaned out and filled, the painful symptoms are relieved and the tooth is protected from further damage.

If the condition is caught early enough, the tooth may be able to be saved. In the event the tooth needs to be extracted, the dentist can refer the patient to a cosmetic dentist, who can replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. If you are in need of dental services for an abscess or any other dental health concern, visit Through their services, your smile can be protected. You can visit them on Facebook or Google+ for more information.

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