How to Create a Dating Profile

Are you looking for love? People in search of true love will not find it if their dating profile isn’t attractive. They need to learn the art of creating an interesting dating profile so it gets more clicks and messages from potential singles.

If you’ve been feeling unlucky in love lately, it’s Time2behappy. I will give you coaching advice so that you can correct what you’re doing wrong. You will learn how to create a dating profile that will help you succeed in finding just the right person.

Are you ready to embark on a journey in which your inbox overflows with requests from eager singles? I bet you’re more ready than ever you’ve ever been, so let’s begin. Here are tips on how to create a dating profile that will not suck:

1. Ask a Friend to Help You Out

Ask a friend for help and put your trust entirely in their hands. Your friend might be able to describe you better than you can. It’s surprising how much more your friends can notice about you than you can.

2. Stop with the Clichés

Clichés like “holding hands in the sunset” or “sitting by the fireplace, sipping fine wine” will get you more dislikes than likes. Singles looking to date will be less than impressed with your choice of words. So, you better steer clear of those clichés!

3. List Fun Hobbies

If you love to read books, and you want the world to know—Stop right there! It’s not a good idea. While being honest about your hobbies is good, people will perceive you as a bore. Instead, in the section for hobbies, write that you love to attend concerts or exhibitions. Anything that makes you look like a social butterfly will work wonders for your dating life.

4. Smile Wide

Men and women: You will stay single if you pout, look serious, or stare dreamily into the camera. You need to show those pearly whites! Using a profile picture of yourself smiling wide will attract more people to your dating profile.

5. Do Not Devalue Yourself

You want others to know about your flaws only after you start dating them, not before. In your dating profile, leave out anything that makes you look or sound negative.

6. Do Not Lie

Don’t write in your profile that you own a mansion and drive a Harley, if it isn’t true. For that matter, don’t write anything that’s untrue! Even if people may find you more interesting because you are listing exciting things that are not true, don’t do it. How do you really expect to keep the charade up? If you want more tips, visit Time2beHappy.

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