Hire Professional Heating Repair in Milwaukee, WI to Repair Your Burner

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the major components of a boiler or a gas-powered furnace is the burner. The burner is generally the place where natural gas is burned to produce high temperature combustion gas. The combustion produced is used to either heat up the air in a furnace or water in a boiler to provide the heat required to keep a home warm during the cold season. When a burner malfunctions, it will lower the efficiency of your furnace or boiler. To fix a faulty burner, heating experts recommend homeowners hire the services of professional Heating Repair in Milwaukee WI.

A faulty heating system can cost you a lot of money. This is because inefficient combustion requires more energy to provide the required amount of heat. For instance, a furnace with 85% AFUE rating will turn 85% of the natural gas supplied into heat. However, if the furnace malfunctions, it can drop to a point where it only turns, for example, 60% of its fuel into heating power. For it to attain the same heating levels, it works more and wastes more.

Even though the other parts in heating units can affect performance, it all starts with the burner. If the burner accumulates a lot of dirt, it becomes difficult for it to draw the oxygen required to ignite natural gas. This means that a lot of gas will be wasted, and the burner will remain on longer to attain its normal heat levels.

Another factor that causes a burner to malfunction is if it develops rust flakes. Any kind of corrosion should be avoided, as it will damage the boiler or furnace. Just like dirt and grime, rust flakes in a burner will restrict the flow of oxygen, thereby lowering the efficiency of your heating system.

If you identify any problems with your heating system, it is imperative homeowners hire the services of Heating Repair in Milwaukee WI, experts immediately. It is advisable homeowners do not ignore or postpone minor repairs, as they tend to develop in complex problems that may cost large amounts of money in the future. For more information about professional heating services, go to Heidenplumbing.com.

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