Heating in San Marcos Doesn’t Have to Be Costly

Even though Heating in San Marcos isn’t as critical as it is in some place like Minneapolis, it is still important, and, like all of the other appliances in your home, your furnace has a finite life span. Most of the time forced-air heat exchange type furnaces will last between 15 and 20 years, but there are a lot of circumstances that can alter that time frame. Part of it has to do with how well maintained your furnace is. Even though manufacturers recommend regular maintenance for furnaces, not everyone complies, which is a shame, since there are some serious benefits to having your heating and cooling expert do a regular inspection and tune-up of your system.

One of the benefits is that your system will operate more efficiently through the entire heating season when it has been properly maintained. This can lower your heating costs while still keeping you comfortable. Another benefit of regular HVAC maintenance is that it gives your technician an opportunity to catch any potential problems before they require a repair call. System maintenance can also keep your furnace under protective warranty longer, in case anything serious happens, but that depends on the specific manufacturer. Finally, these maintenance visits can add years to the service life of your furnace, saving you even more money.

The day will come, of course, when your furnace reaches that point where it makes more economic sense to replace it than to keep pouring money into repairs. At that point, your HVAC professionals can advise you on selecting a replacement unit that will be adequate to your home’s needs. Using their experience and their product knowledge, they can help you get the furnace that is right for you as well as your wallet.

When your furnace needs repairs or replacements, make sure the work is done by a reliable, reputable local company. Contact Stillman Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. They know Heating in San Marcos, and can repair all makes and models of furnaces as well as perform regular maintenance. Locally owned and operated since 1969, these HVAC pros stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They work by the job, not by the hours, so you will always know ahead of time how much a job will cost. They also provide free estimates on installations and can offer competitive financing for all budgets.

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