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by | Oct 9, 2014 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Living without air conditioning in Maryland isn’t an experience that anyone wants. It can get pretty hot and humid in this beautiful state. Utility bills continue to rise, so saving money is more important than ever. Over 40% of the utility bill pays for heating and cooling the home.

Here are a few tips on saving money on your air conditioning bill.

     *     The Best Air Conditioning Systems are the right size for the building. If the unit is too large or too small, it will be forced to start and stop constantly while trying to maintain the thermostat setting. This reduces the life expectancy of the system and will cost more money to operate. A ‘smart’ system will be able to act as if it’s either a large or small system, depending on the demand. This type of system can use up to 25% less energy than a traditional system.

     *    Maintain the unit. Regular maintenance will catch many small problems before they become large, expensive problems. Proper diagnosis of the problem is key to the fix. At times, an experienced technician will even be able to offer the solution over the phone. Normally, though, a service call will be needed.

     *    Change filters regularly. Check with your regular air conditioning technician as to the best filter for your unit.

     *    Move the thermostat up a degree or two and see how everyone feels. Usually, people become accustomed to a slightly warmer temperature in a relatively short time. This will show in a reduced utility bill. While it will not be a large reduction, it all adds up.

     *    Make sure duct work is in good repair. A lot of money can be escaping through cracks or leaks.

     *    Consider insulated drapes, opening them during the day and closing them at night. It will pay off to do this.

Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning supplies the Best Air Conditioning Systems to their Maryland and Delaware customers. They pride themselves on never taking advantage of homeowners on those extra-hot days, but will always try to save money for their customers. The technicians work hard to satisfy their customer’s needs. Click Here for more details.

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