Examples Of Safety Project Management Situations And Issues

by | May 11, 2016 | Business

Safety project management can be a very vague title for a person to hold. For one thing, it will depend on which industry you’re working in, but it will also depend on the size of business, how many people are there, the location of the building and much more. However, understanding what these managers do may help you decide if you need one and when they may be most helpful.


Situational issues can occur when someone hurts themselves in their usual project completion process. For example, if someone regularly uses a hammer to nail things together and hits their finger, it would be a situational concern.


Safety management also comes into play for environmental reasons. This happens when someone gets hurt because of their location or work environment. However, it can also be situational. For example, if someone works around construction equipment, there are more risks involved. They could fall off of scaffolding, get injured if a crane falls on them or runs into them, and so on. If they frequently do those jobs, it is also situational.


Every company has procedures that are strictly (or supposedly strictly) adhered to, but what happens when those processes are incorrect, and someone gets hurt because of it. For example, if you say that every person in the lab must wear non-skid shoes but don’t specify that they must be steel-toed, and someone gets a broken toe or foot because of it, it is because of the process or rule that you had, which may not have been enough or reinforced correctly.

Non-Construction Hazards

It’s also important to note that project safety management doesn’t just happen in construction zones. Computer programmers can have deteriorating health because they’re always hunched over their workstation. Miners could die or breathe intoxicating fumes if they don’t know to use breathing apparatuses.

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