Bright Spots in the Rain

We all have them, friends who know exactly what looks great with what. Accessorizing like pros, they choose items that add zing to their ensembles. In fact, what they know that many do not is that accessories actually make or break most looks. Fashion umbrellas do more for them than add protection from the rain. They make bold statements across broad distances.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Fashionistas often make proclamations with otherwise silent items. Fashion umbrellas are easily used to make such proclamations. Adding a single bright color can draw eyes from many yards away, and that attention can help to seal the deal about who makes looks go, “Boom!” Your bright spot may be a sunshiney yellow or vibrant orange. Whatever it takes to get noticed, you can certainly have handy.

A Palette Fit for Van Gogh

Artists and fashionistas have something in common. They appreciate subtly as much as they need a variety of options to express themselves. Few artists have ever had more impact on the generations following them than Vincent Van Gogh, whose synesthesia combined a variety of sensual approaches for unique experiences with art. His palette spoke volumes, and fashionistas have learned from that. With so many colors to choose from, you will feel like Van Gogh himself as you choose fashion umbrellas to complete every look you create.


“Into each life, a little rain must fall” is a popular adage, and most people realize that rain and the sun are necessary to promote the lives of flowers across the seasons. Sunflowers, a focal point of Van Gogh’s work, are often associated with joy even in tough times. If you are truly bold, you can choose to make fashion strokes as deep as those on Van Gogh’s palette. A very popular Raintec umbrella rises out of the storm as just that, a bright spot in the rain as a sunflower bursts forth.

Choosing fashion umbrellas can be fun and exciting. Find the artist within you as you express yourself in new ways.

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