Choosing a Flavored Cigar

If you are a regular cigar smoker you may be moving on to bigger and better things. A lot of veteran, and even beginner smokers are switching over to the flavored cigar. A cigar is made up of three different types of leaves of a tobacco. Different types and variations of these leaves help to create the flavor and smoking characteristics of a flavored cigar.

If you choose a lighter color then it is going to have a much milder flavor. The darker the color the stronger the flavor will be. Sweeter flavors are then created during the fermenting process with oils and sugars. Whether you plan to purchase flavored cigars online or go to a professional tobacconist, you are sure to find a flavor that is right for you.

Factors that determine flavors

There are certain factors that determine the type of flavored cigar you are purchasing. Fine cigars are now made with flavors such as chocolate, cocoa, nut, coffee, nut, and spice. The wrapper on the outside of the cigar will help you to determine such flavor. The color is used as a way to describe the flavor of the cigar. Here are some of the color designations:

* Double Claro: It is a very light green color and is grown in Connecticut.
* Claro: This is a yellowish or light tan color and is a tobacco that is grown in the shade.
* Natural: This is typically a brown or light brown that is grown in the sun.
* Colorado: This type is often called Rosado and is reddish-brown in color.
* Maduro: Typically is a medium to dark brown in color.

While these are not all of the color designations, they do provide you with a pretty good idea of what you will see in tobacconist shops or when you buy flavored cigars online.

The filler is another way to determine flavor of a cigar. The inside of a cigar consists of several bunches of leaves. When there is more oil inside of the leave then it is a much stronger filler. If you smoke a large cigar you can expect it to have a lot of filler to protect the flavor.


The best way to choose a flavored cigar is to go into a tobacconist shop or purchase them online. You will never know what flavor suits you best unless you try it. It make take a few tries but at least now you know what to look for.

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