A Basic Outdoor Lighting Design Guide For Small Areas

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Lighting

Even with a smaller backyard, deck, or patio area it is still possible to provide some beautiful lighting with a range of different options. An outdoor lighting design guide for small spaces allows you to highlight the elements you want to bring to the front of your landscaping, maximizing the look of space and size.

In any type of small space, the outdoor lighting design guide should be to carefully consider the look you want to create both from outside of the home as well as from inside. The right types of outdoor lights are beautiful year round and can make the outdoors look like a natural extension of the interior of the home, and also work the opposite way as well. For a smaller yard or patio area, this can add to the impression of space.

Uplights for Height

When there isn’t a lot of square footage to work with on the ground, adding uplights is an essential consideration. With this option, the light shines from the ground up towards the tops of trees or other types of surfaces similar to a flood light. However, as any outdoor lighting design guide will show, this isn’t for light itself, but rather to give the impression of height and space moving the eye upwards from the ground.

Adding Depth

A technique used in any outdoor lighting design guide to build depth into the lower levels of lighting will give the impression of space. To create depth, mix different lighting heights from taller pole or riser types of lights with ground level lights.

In addition, stagger the lights throughout the landscaping in more of a random design, not a set pattern. This prevents the eye from traveling in straight lines, making spaces seem deeper, longer or wider.


Another trick you can borrow from an outdoor lighting design guide is to use the branches or trunks of trees as a downlighting option. Softer lights can be hung from these higher levels, providing pools of light surrounded by darker areas. Keep these minimal to provide focus areas surrounded by dark spaces, adds to the look of space and distance even with a small area.

Reading through an outdoor lighting design guide will give ideas of how to light even a small backyard or landscaped area. With smaller spaces less is more, and carefully selected combinations of lights will create just the look you want.

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