Carbide Drill Bits

It may not sound like the type of drill bit to use with a project is important, but it is. A drill bit is a cutting tool which can be attached to a power drill. There are hundreds of different drill bits and ways to use them. However, carbide drill bits are the most common and the best on the market.

Carbide (also known as tungsten carbide) is a chemical compound that is commonly used for cutting tools. Grains of tungsten carbide are cemented together with particles from other material and using metal cobalt as a binder to create the carbide material of the drill bit.

Carbide drill bits are the more durable than other drill bit and maintain a sharp cutting edge longer than bits made from other materials.

Carbide is used mostly for production drilling where a high-quality tool holder and equipment is used. They also run at higher speeds and absorb heat more effectively than other bits. Carbide drill bits are mainly used when your regular high-speed bit is not getting the job done. Carbide drill bits can also be used to drill holes in concrete, bricks, or blocks.

Solid carbide bits are expensive. To lower the price, some manufacturers will create softer bits and coat the tip with carbide materials. These drill bits are more affordable and durable.

Carbide drill bits come in many shapes. Brad point bit is used for drilling wood. An auger bit is for drilling deep holes. A Twist bit is designed to drill metal. A Spade bit is for drilling deep or wide holes. A step bit is for drilling sheet metal, and a masonry bit is for brick, mortar, concrete, and stone.

Knowing the materials that make up the project will determine which bit type will be the most effective. Harder materials require harder, sharper drill bits such as a carbide drill bit.

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