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by | Nov 10, 2016 | Business

As the power goes out, generators are able to keep the house cool (or warm), the kitchen cooking, and phones and computers charged.

Sales will spike surrounding major storms—right before and a couple of weeks after, meaning that too many consumers shop as the power is out, randomly selecting a generator which seems up to the task then have really no idea what to do with it as they get it up and running at home.

Also, buying in a hurry might mean bypassing suggested installation processes and relying upon extension cords, which is not recommended.

Do not let wind, snow, or rain keep you inside the dark. Consider those options and read Mighty-Quip Reviews to ensure you obtain the best generator for your necessities.

Automatic Start

As the power goes off, stationary generators go on—without any intervention. It’s fantastic if you have a long commute or travel a lot.

Electric Start

Many portables provide this push button alternative to the trouble of pull starting an engine. Factor in the extra expense (about $50) if a battery isn’t included. A stationary model has automatic starting.

Alternative Fuel Capacity

Many portable models only run on gas, although some are able to operate on a natural gas line or propane tank—or may be converted using kits.


Whether you believe it or not, a few portables price them separately. You probably could move a wheeled generator on your own; however, without any wheels, you would require assistance. Wheels may cost around $150 extra.

Fuel Gauge

Assess the level of fuel at a glance on the portable; it’s particularly helpful within lengthy blackouts.

Low Oil Shutoff

If the oil dips under minimal levels, the generator will shut down to prevent damage. Usually, it’s standard on a stationary generator, yet it is becoming more and more common on portables, as well.

Inverter Technology

On a handful of high-end portables; it offers cleaner power which will not overheat fragile electronics. A few campsites need it because usually, inverter generators operate a lot more quietly.

Several Outlets

Four or more allows you to best use the wattage by spreading out the load, although it’s recommended to use these just for emergency reasons—or for away purposes like camping.

Removable Console

It’ll connect to the generator in order for you to be able to plug appliances in without having to run extension cords outside.

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