Benefits of a Dynamic Measurement System When Maintaining Pipeline

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Business

Maintaining a pipeline can pose several challenges. Fortunately, dynamic measurement systems are designed to make the process easy and inexpensive compared to other methods. A reputable provider of this type of system can show you how it works as well as help you choose an appropriate model to fit your specific application both now and in the future.

Pipeline Maintenance
A dynamic measurement system is a suitable gyro sensor for performing routine pipeline inspections. Routine maintenance of a pipe involves putting a “pig” – a cylindrical device that is solid – in your pipeline. A gyroscope package – which includes a device used for providing stability or maintaining a reference direction in a navigation system, stabilizer or automatic pilot – is then placed inside the pig.

As your gyro sensor makes its way through the pipeline, it can record data that indicate its motion and orientation. Once the pig leaves your pipeline, the recorded data can easily be compared with previous data so that you can pinpoint any major differences that might indicate a pipeline issue. Using the gyro sensor is usually more cost-effective when compared to visually inspecting your pipeline.

Dynamic Measurement System Qualities
Your gyro sensor has to be accurate at each and every altitude; this is because the pig can freely rotate in your pipeline as it travels through it. You should also look for a system with a wide enough range for tracking any motions in conditions that are highly dynamic. The system must additionally be stable since pipeline environments do not provide velocity data for correcting for any centrifugal forces that the sensor encounters as it travels.

Additional Dynamic Measurement System Features
Quality companies offer dynamic measurement systems that are battery – operated and can accommodate your specific needs through customization. For instance, a company can customize its sensor’s packaging to fit your housing’s size. Your device’s internal data logging and internal power supply can also be made to fit your needs. With the right system, you can easily overcome the technical challenges associated with the demanding job of maintaining a pipeline and thus keep your pipeline functioning at its optimum level long-term.

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