Being Ready for a Fire

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Business

Your home catching fire to some degree is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should be caught off guard. There are many ways to prepare yourself for a fire, to make sure you and your family will be prepared when it happens. One of the things you can do is to get fire sprinkler services in NJ for an extra level of protection in the event of a fire. If you’re seeking fire protection services whether it is through equipment or personnel, here are some helpful tips.

#1. Equipment

The fire department will get the job done, without question, but even the most punctual fire truck will take at least 5 minutes to reach your house. Fire can do a lot of damage in 5 minutes, so you should have a backup plan just in case. The obvious first choice is a fire extinguisher, and for good reason. It’s effective, easy to store, and its bright red color scheme and easily recognizable shape make it easy to find, even in a house filled with smoke.

Make sure your fire extinguisher is kept in a safe place where it won’t be damaged, but also won’t be hard to get to. You want this far out of the hands of young children, as well as safe from any objects that might damage it, which would cause the pressurized material inside to explode. Luckily, fire extinguishers typically come with a mountable holster that you can screw into the wall, removing the need to clear out a space for it.

There’s also a sprinkler system, which you can hire a company to install in your home. When a fire breaks out, these pipes will release water down onto the area where the fire is taking place. More recent models include a signal that will be sent to the nearest fire department whenever the house’s internal temperature rises above 135 degrees Fahrenheit, alerting them to the fire.

#2. Services

There are of course services you can enlist in the event of a fire. Always make sure you and your family know how to contact the fire department. This isn’t as much of a problem now as it used to be, since modern cell phones come with built in apps for calling emergency services. Finally, fire prevention equipment like those listed above can all be purchased from equipment suppliers.

When owning a house, it’s paramount that you be prepared for the eventuality of a fire breaking out. It can happen to you, make no mistake, but you can also be ready. So, remember these tips, so that when disaster strikes, you can be ready to strike back. For more information,visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp.

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