Be Green with a Custom Built Gas Fire Pit from Reclaimed Materials

Summer evening memories always evoke the brilliance of the night sky, the chirps of crickets, the company of friends, the sound of laughter, and the flicker of a warm golden flame. When it comes to summer entertaining, your soirées can light up the night with a stylishly designed gas fire pit. The Bernard Company creates unique fire pits that blend form with function to create true works of metal art created by Pat Bernard himself.

Recycling and Reclamation

Each fire pit and cast-iron chiminea is a unique and thoughtful creation custom-built from reclaimed materials and antique finds, creatively repurposed and given new life as a functional sculpture. Each project marries Bernard’s outstanding design sense and eye for functionality to create not just a fire pit, but a conversation piece and center point of your gatherings.

Save a Tree, Burn Gas Instead

A gas fire pit provides alternative fuel options; rather than stocking up on firewood and spending time slowly kindling a fire, use quick-burning gas to instantly ignite your night in the brightest sparks and illuminate your social life. Gas provides rapid heat and burns cleanly, without ash, cinders, or residue to clean from the fire pit. Gas fire pits require minimal maintenance, and can be reused night after night.

Multipurpose and Multifunction

The beauty of burning with gas is consistent heat that’s perfect for a wide variety of purposes. Set up a grill over the pit and sear your meals to perfection, or gather your friends and loved ones around the fire to share the warmth radiating in every direction.

A History of Inspiration

As an award-winning innovator in landscaping and waterfall design, Pat Bernard has been changing the game by continuously pursuing new ways to apply his creative skills. After branching into welding and fabrication, Pat launched The Bernard Company as a groundbreaking creative force that combines an old-world rustic charm with a passion for the new, the transformative, and the off-beat, to give discarded items a fresh life and revitalized purpose.

Every gas fire pit produced by The Bernard Company is more than just an object. It’s a pursuit of evolution, by reclaiming objects that had reached the end of their lifecycle only to begin that cycle anew. True art lets nothing go to waste, and it’s in the pursuit of true art that Pat Bernard brings his vividly re-imagined creations to life and into your home.

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