Advantages of Dentures in Stuart

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Dentist

Immediate Dentures in Lafayette LA are installed immediately after extracting teeth, which should be prepared in advance and be completed before surgery. This treatment can be performed on fixed or removable prosthesis. They can replace one or more teeth as well. It’s a form of rehabilitation used for a long time, but its use is becoming more widespread, as the increase in demand is set by the need of the person. The objective of this work is to recognize once again the benefits of this treatment and emphasize that any deviation in the application of proper technique can cause iatrogenic and, therefore, preventable oral lesions.

This type of prosthesis has aesthetic, phonetic, biological, psychological and surgical benefits, as the patient is edentulous in no time. It does not affect your chewing function and promotes the orientation of the trabecular bone, and the location of the tooth in relation to the solid craniofacial aspect of your face. A surgical advantage is manifested in the fact that the postoperative period becomes more rested when wounds heal faster. This happens where the denture becomes a wound dressing and a hemostatic mechanism for possible bleeding.

Other obvious advantages are given by avoiding gestures, positions or faces that hide the missing teeth and even loss of regular jaw relations. Furthermore, the carrier acquires the ability to keep the prosthesis in place when talking and eating food, which becomes progressively and unconsciously better when managing the final apparatus, which will be placed later. Such prostheses generally must not be definitive, because the tissues undergo modifications that do not occur when placed in conventional prosthesis. Immediate Dentures Stuart reduce the physical and psychological problems a person would deal with if they were toothless.


1. With conditions or general disorders, such as: heart disease, hematological or glandular disorders where an increase in surgical risk is present.
2. The mental capacity does not allow them to take over responsibility of any aftercare.
3. Those who do not cooperate in setting up and maintaining immediate dentures by indifferent actions.

No doubt – because the disadvantages are of secondary importance – this solution provides the highest level of comfort and rehabilitation. To some extent, it involves retraining the patient in some of their daily activities. Contact your local dentist or click here for more information.

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