ACR Copper Return Bends: AC And Refrigeration

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If you are manufacturing a refrigerating system or HVAC, chances are you will require copper tubing. Copper tubes are one of the most common components used in both refrigerant and air conditioning systems. One form of copper tubing required for coils and the flow of coolant are copper return bends. The copper return bends by Spinco Metal Products is just one example of this type of copper tubing employed in the HVAC business.

What are Copper Return Bends?

Copper Return Bends may be referred to as U-shaped fittings or pipes. They curve or bend to create a turn in direction of 180 degrees. This change in direction is essential if they are to perform their designated task. While, copper return bends are common in plumbing, they are also used in HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Return bends can be plain or expanded. It depends upon their usage and the intent of the manufacturer. A fitting of this nature can be molded, cast and/or brazed. It is usually threaded at both ends to allow easy connection to the pipes it is joining together.

What is the Role of Copper Return Bends?

Copper return bends may be used to repair coils in refrigerant systems. They are usually employed to permit the return passage of the coolant. The size allows this because of the ability to fit into a small space.


The material comprising a return bend is important. In refrigerant and air conditioning system, copper is the best substance. Yet, it must be designated as ACR copper. This is a copper that is manufactured completely free of moisture. It is also necessary to avoid any presence of contaminants.

Copper return bends and other types of copper pipes that are designated ACR are sized in a specific way. This method differs from that of copper pipes or tubing for plumbing. In the pipes, including copper return bends, intended for use in refrigerant systems and air conditioning, the ACR copper is sized using the diameter but form the outside. The copper itself, however, may be either in hot or soft temper.

Hard Copper: Like its name indicates, hard copper is unyielding. It is stiff and hard. It will not flex or bend easily. In fact, it should not bend

Soft Copper: This is the opposite of hard copper. It is flexible and bends easily

When it comes to manufacturing air conditioning and/or refrigerant systems, you will require copper return bends. Copper return bends by Spinco Metal Products are one way to ensure the necessary product is of a high standard. This, in turn, allows the system to work at its peak capability.

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