3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Spiral Menu Covers

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Business

Making the decision to use spiral menu covers offers the restaurant, café, bistro or even pub owner a lot of options in creating the front cover. While it may not be the most important part of your branding and marketing, the design of the cover of your menu is a first look at the food you are offering.

What you decide to put on spiral menu covers tells your guests something about your personal taste and what your menu is all about. It can be inviting and elegant, fun and whimsical, or luxurious and enticing. Getting just the right look for spiral menu covers is important as you will want these to last for a long time, giving a distinctive branding feature to the interior of your restaurant.

Highly Ornate Fonts

There are a lot of different fonts out there which are beautiful to look at but almost impossible to read. This can include the calligraphy style of fonts as well as some of the themed fonts.

If you do want to use an ornate font consider the size it will be used on the spiral menu covers. Ask at least ten people who don’t know the name of your restaurant to read the mock-up of the cover. If they can do it without a problem, the font is a good choice. When more than one person has problems, consider another font.

Colors, Textures, and Features

Consider the color scheme in the restaurant as well as your logo and signage colors as well when choosing the background for your spiral menu covers. Choosing a menu color that compliments the restaurant décor and matches your logo and branding colors is critical.

You should also consider the font color with the background color on your spiral menu covers. Too close of a match or too much of a contrast can be difficult to read or look out of character with the restaurant theme.

Adding metal corners in a contrasting or matching color can also be very good idea for your spiral menu covers. Not only will extend the life of the menu but it will also make the pages easier to turn and manage for your customers.

Finally, when choosing a design for your spiral menu covers go less and not more. You can use images, logos, and graphics, but you definitely want your restaurant name to stand out and be the featured item on the cover.

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