Basic Information on Stainless Steel Screws

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Stainless steel screws are amazingly versatile, not to mention being powerful fasteners. If you don’t want anything going anywhere, or need to hang a load, then a good, sturdy screw is what you are looking for. Through the years different types of stainless steel screws NY have been developed in order to maximize efficiency. These screws can be categorized by their driving methods, like the following for instance;


These stainless steel screws NY heads are perhaps one of the oldest variety when it comes to screws. The linear slot at the head accepts a standard screwdriver also known as a flat head screwdriver.


This one is considered an improvement to the slotted screw. The cross shaped grooves at the head do not extend to the edges and accepts a Philips head screwdriver. These heads also have a slightly circular shape where the slots cross which helps prevent slipping. While most people refer to any screw that has a cross slot at the top as a Philips head, there are other types of screws which have similar slots such as the Reed head.

Round Head

These are mainly used to fix pieces of material together where there are no countersunk holes being used.


There are two types of screws which have hex heads. The first one has a hexagonal recession at the head while the other one does not have any kind of slot or groove at all. A hex socket or Allen screw needs an Allen wrench which is inserted into the recession in the screw head. Another type of hex screw has an entire head which is hexagonally shaped and requires a wrench set or adjustable wrench for driving the screw.


The square or Robertson screw head has got a square indentation that helps minimize slipping. This type of screw needs a special driver for both tightening and loosening.

One Way

The one way head is a variation of the slotted screw type. These types of screws can be tightened by using a standard screwdriver, but they are tamper resistant since they require a special set of tools for removal.


These screws have a recession that’s in the shape of a six pointed star that offers more surface area for driving. It requires the torx screwdriver which is less common and can be considered as tamper resistant.

Shoulder Screws

Shoulder screws have precision ground shanks which remain above the head of a hole and offers an easy way to make an axel for a wheel. This type of screw is mainly used when something needs to be secured but not clamped.

Set Screws

Set stainless steel screws NY are threaded along the entire length and are normally used to secure a shaft from rotating. But they also have other uses such as being used in collars, knobs, sprockets etc.

Some other less common driving methods have also been developed with types of screws having heads that feature recessions of different shapes and sizes, such as, triple square, double hex, poly-drive, and tri-wing screws. And the best place to find any kind of stainless steel screws NY is at

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