Why You Need to Work with a Professional Wedding Photographer

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Business

You’re planning your NJ wedding, and there are tons of details to handle. You’ve got to worry about the venue, the dress, bridesmaids and groomsmen’s clothing, the rings, flowers, food at the reception and about a million more things. Your cousin tells you that she just got a new camera for her birthday and that she’ll handle the wedding photography for no cost. You’re relieved. It’s one less thing to deal with, right? Stop right there. It’s important that you work with the professional wedding photographer. Why?


There’s a lot more to being a photographer than having a camera and being able to press the shutter button. Professional wedding photographers spend years honing their skills, learning new techniques, mastering lighting and more. Your cousin just can’t compare.

Guaranteed Results

What guarantee do you have that your cousin (or any other amateur photographer) will deliver photographs that you and your soon to be spouse will love? None. With a professional wedding photographer, though, you do have that peace of mind. You can peruse their portfolio beforehand, speak with past clients and more, all to assure you that you’ll love the results.

Additional Services

Wedding photography isn’t just about taking photos the day of the wedding. There’s a lot more to it, and a professional photographer will be able to deliver additional services. You might be interested in engagement photography, which can give you pictures to use in your wedding invitations and more. You may benefit from photography or videography during the reception. You may want to have some photographs taken at a different location for use in your wedding album, online, or other areas. A professional can offer all this and more.

Less Work for You

Working with an amateur photographer might mean that you save a little cash up front. However, it will also mean that you have a lot more work ahead of you. The chances are good that your cousin (or whoever is handling the camera) will give you a memory card filled with unplanned, unchoreographed, un-touched-up photos. You then need to sit down, go through the photos, use photo editing software to crop, adjust, trim and tweak. It’s a lot of work – hours and hours of it – do you have the time?

As you can see, going to a professional is the best option. We invite you to call us at Limelight Entertainment to learn more about our packages and services.

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