Why You Need a Contract When Hiring Home Builders

As you prepare to spend money on building your new home, the two things you will need most are a good building contractor and an attorney. Building contracts involve clauses which need to be worded accurately to avoid future confusion and liability for either party. What you think is “precise” may contain a loophole which could be exploited -; often in a way that is not in your favor. Therefore, it is imperative that you always consult an attorney before signing your building contract.

Your building contract is very essential. All your specifications, needs, concerns and assets must be put in writing and signed off by you and your Home Builders. If your builder offers you a “standard contract” and adopts a “take it or leave it” attitude, it is advisable you do not accept it. Your goal is to negotiate terms you can put up with, without isolating an honest and capable contractor in the process. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your building contract includes items such as:

1. The scope of work

2. : This explains the nature of the building project. It also explains the responsibilities each party in ensuring that the work is completed properly.

3. Specifications

4. : It includes a detailed list of all the products and services that your home builder should provide to ensure the project is completed successfully.

5. Allowances and payment schedule

6. : It explains how the contractors will be paid for their work. Ensure that the payment schedule provided in the contract is flexible and gives you some control over the process and the final product.

7. Default clause

8. : If you or your contractor breaches the contract, a clause should found in the contract explaining exactly what action should be taken.

A building contract is essential in any construction project. It defines the roles of each party and ensures that the project is completed successfully. Home Builders from Lancia Homes are committed to helping you build your home with ease. These building contractors are highly experienced and skilled. They will ensure that all your needs and specifications are achieved. For more information about professional home building contractors, go to Lanciahomes.com.

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