Why Truss Is a Must at Your Next Trade Show

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Business

If you’re looking to make your tradeshow stand out, increase attendees or simply start off your trade show career with a bang, make sure you look into a truss for your trade show. These structures can do many wonders to change the mood and aesthetics of an event.

They Can Give You Style

To add some style to your trade show truss, you can use truss arches. These arches are normally used for entryways and set the stage. These arches can also be designed to fit the structure or event. They can also hold other design elements, such as lighting and décor, among other things. Truss arches can also be outfitted with a sleeve, usually made from spandex or cloth. This adds to the visuals and style. In addition, sleeves can be customized, which can really set the event you’re hosting apart.

They Are Full of Functionality

A company that carries great trade show trusses has one that can handle various weather elements. Come rain or shine, the truss must be able to hold up. Secondly, truss structures should be able to accommodate a variety of needs, such as having sounds systems rigged to it or even audiovisual equipment.  Another element that is a must is a great support or anchoring system for the truss. As it can be a larger structure, having a specifically designed structure that holds the truss in place without inhibiting functionality is beneficial.

Can Accommodate a Variety of Situations

A company that carries great trusses can accommodate many situations. Whether indoor or outdoor, having trade show trusses that can do both leaves little room for worry. Having a variety of options for your trade show truss means the company is capable of designing something that can work in your situation.

If you’re looking for a place that knows their trusses, check Gallagher Staging and Productions to see what options they have.

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