Why Should You Get A Baby Registry?

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

Your little one is due in a few months, and the list of things you need is overwhelming. Onesies, pacifiers, socks, blankets, a crib. . . it’s starting to feel like you’re getting a store instead of a child. On top of that, you don’t want to have a baby shower where everyone gets you the same thing. Eight blankets won’t benefit you when you need a breast pump and some baby wipes.

Enter the baby registry, the best idea for new parents overwhelmed by baby shopping. You create a list of items you want, send it out to friends and family, and then receive these items through the mail or at your baby shower. It’s simple, easy, and helps new parents afford and organize all the equipment they need for their new family member.

Most people choose to create a baby registry on a company website, such as Target, Pottery Barn, or Toys ‘R’ Us. You’ll find the items you need online, compile them into a list, and send the list out to your loved ones. This way, you can see what others have gotten you and what you still need to buy.

A Baby Registry Lets You Tell Others What You Really Need
It’s awkward when people ask, “What should I get you for your baby shower?” You probably don’t know the answer off the top of your head. Did you need a diaper bag, or did Aunt Jeanine agree to get that for you? By creating a baby registry, you don’t need to field constant phone calls in your pregnancy haze.

It also efficiently lets others know what you actually need. Many people will bring something generic to a baby shower that you might not use, but they’ll feel better if they know they’re getting something that you actually want. This way, family and friends can truly help you out in a tough economy by buying necessary items.

A Baby Registry Prevents Waste
When people don’t know what to bring to a baby shower, they’ll bring items that you most likely won’t use. Worse, you could end up with multiple of the same item, which makes a baby shower quite awkward. You don’t want to wind up with eight baby blankets when you just needed two. The other blankets will sit unused in a closet until your child goes to college and you eventually decide to throw the blankets into the trash.

Gift registries are increasingly common at weddings, and the concept of the baby registry is following suit. They’re efficient, helpful, and prevent waste. They allow new parents to see what they still need to buy for the new baby. So consider signing up for a baby registry before your new little darling arrives! For more information visit Facebook page of gotobaby.com or you can watch videos on Youtube.


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