Why is it So Important to Track Time and Attendance?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Business

Tracking attendance is vital to any multi-location organization. From the day you start school, you are exposed to attendance tracking, and it continues into the business world. However, what makes a time and attendance management system so integral to a business, where you are no longer dealing with children but responsible employees? Even if your business has the most honest employees, the most motivational managers, and the most accurate HR department in the country, an attendance management system will still come to your aid.

Management Systems Simplify the Payroll Process
Tracking employees on paper or via timesheets and asking them to remember and copy down their hours even once a week inevitably leads to errors and wasted time. Whether it’s intentional or not, employees will misreport their time and overtime when trying to remember it from the week. A time management system prevents these difficulties. By removing the excessive paper trail and after the fact aspects of time management, employees, HR, and management can all have a smoother payroll experience. This alleviates end of month stress, and makes employees’ daily lives easier.

They Ensure Honesty
When using a paper system, there are many ways around clocking in accurately. An often time, if an employee is running late he/she can get a friend to punch in on time for him/her. While not all employees do this, it is more common than you may think, and can cost the company unnecessary money. With an attendance management system, this is exponentially more difficult. Some systems go as far as using fingerprints to clock employees in, which makes it impossible for them to be dishonest. While this may seem harsh, it will actually result in a better workplace, where employees are not stressing about time theft, or remembering their hours.

They Make Large Work Forces Manageable
Whether your business has a large staff in one location or is spread out over different buildings or areas, a time management system is the only way to handle a large or growing workforce. Paper systems may work for very small groups of people, but as your company and as a result your number of employees grows, you will need a more sophisticated system. If you are working out of multiple locations, it is especially difficult to keep paperwork organized, and errors will occur. With an automated system, procedure is standard and much simpler, allowing you to coordinate large groups of people. Even if this does not describe your needs now, it is always a good idea to anticipate future growth. It is better to have an efficient system already in place than to try to install one once your company has already grown too large for paperwork.

Time and attendance management systems create a more honest, efficient and happy workplace for everyone. They are good for the company, as they prevent time theft and they are good for employees, as they increase transparency. Moreover, they are excellent for human resources. Installing a system, even as your company starts to grow, is a responsible choice for the future of your business and your employees.

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