Why Getting Help From Social Security Disability Lawyer in Minneapolis Could Be Essential

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Lawyer

Are you permanently disabled and need to apply for social security disability benefits? Have you already applied and received a denial letter? If either of these sounds like your situation, you can benefit from the assistance of a disability attorney. Although applying for benefits or fighting a denial can sometimes be a confusing process, here are several ways working with an attorney can help.

Your Application Needs To Be Persuasive

When it comes to receiving social security benefits, the court will expect you to be able to prove you can no longer work. Consequently, you’ll need to do the legwork needed to obtain copies of all of your medical records. Furthermore, you’ll need to arrange and present these records so that they clearly show that you have a disability, as well as the exact “onset date” of that disability. While this may sound easy, many people actually find it is more difficult than they first anticipated. A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Minneapolis will help you obtain copies of your records from reluctant doctors who may give you the runaround. They can also help you wade through the paperwork and figure out how to present only the evidence that demonstrates your inability to work and your need for financial assistance.

One Denial Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Stand A Chance

Some people choose to submit their initial applications without the help of an attorney and are surprised when they receive a denial letter in the mail. The good news is that being denied for disability benefits the first time doesn’t mean your case is closed, and a qualified Social Security Disability Lawyer in Minneapolis may be able to help you turn your case around. If you have missing medical records or need an expert opinion from a medical specialist, your attorney can help you obtain those. Your attorney will also be able to prepare you for any questions you’ll face at the appeal hearing.

Whether you are in the initial stages of your first application or you need help appealing a denial, hiring an attorney is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only will the team at Malone & Atchison help you understand the complexities of your case, but you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to fight for what is rightfully yours.

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