Why Choose Junk Yards Louisiana?

Junk Yards in Louisiana can help with intelligent scrap management so that you are able to turn it into a regular revenue stream. It is advisable to partner with an expert who has the equipment, experience and resources to purchase any quantity of scrap and recycle it in an environmentally complaint manner.

Improve Value of Scrap

If you want to increase the value of your scrap, you need to identify the material as per grade and then sort and segregate it. This can help you get more value for the scrap you sell.

When the scrap is free of contaminants and uniform, it becomes more valuable. Freight and handling costs can be reduced with marketable sizing of materials. Reclaiming cutting fluids and lubricants by draining and spinning increases the scrap value. This can also enable you to reuse the valuable fluids.

Reduce Labor Costs

A customized scrap handling program can reduce labor cost significantly. Flexible pickup scheduling and increase in efficiency in moving and preparing the scrap can also help lower labor cost.

The containers and material handling tools enable you to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Collection and transportation costs are also minimized with efficient space management of the containers.

Environmental and Safety Requirements

Buying and selling of scrap needs to meet the environmental and safety requirements that have been specified by EPA and OSHA. Efficient scrap management requires state of the art equipment so that the scrap processing program doesn’t harm the environment.

Whether it is brokering, buying or trolling of scrap, working with reputed junk yard companies can help in establishing price strategies that can maximize the scrap revenue.

Even though most junk yards accept ferrous and nonferrous materials, you need to be aware of materials that they don’t accept. The materials that are usually not accepted don’t have a secondary market and cannot be recycled easily.

If you have unwanted scrap material you can easily turn it into a revenue stream for your business. The accurate pricing documentation ensures that you get the best competitive price for the scrap sold. The pricing is based on the current market value of the material on the day of pickup. Like us on facebook.

For more information on Junk Yards Louisiana, contact All Scrap Metals at (504) 471-0241.

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