What You Should Know About Uncontested Divorce in Dayton OH

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Bankruptcy

Uncontested divorce is much less expensive than litigated divorce. However, knowing a few things about the process can ensure that you get your share of the marital assets while still saving money by keeping your case out of court. The first thing you should know about uncontested Divorce In Dayton OH is that you need a lawyer. No matter how well you get along with your spouse, you need to be sure that all loose ends are tied before your divorce is finalized.

Depending on the length of time you have been married, you may have a significant amount of joint assets or debt. When you get divorced, all of these things must be accounted for to ensure that one spouse doesn’t leave the marriage with too many assets and the other with too many debts. It can be difficult or even impossible to settle these matters after the final decree is issued. A lawyer can look over all of your financial documents and may help you discover property or debts you forgot you had.

In many uncontested divorce cases, each party has their own lawyer and the group of four people sit down at a table together to negotiate the settlement. Before this meeting, you should have all of your financial documents in order. If you think your spouse is not being honest about one or more assets, an uncontested divorce may not be right for you. Divorce is not the time to give in to your spouse because you feel sorry for them. You deserve your fair share of the marital assets.

An uncontested Divorce In Dayton OH may be easier on your children. Parents should be able to sit down together and make decisions regarding their children’s futures. In most uncontested divorce cases, the parents make their own parenting time schedule and agree on where the children will primarily live and go to school. If you prefer a shared parenting arrangement, this can be included in the divorce decree as well. Parents who can’t agree on custody of their children may be able to get help from a mediator and avoid a divorce trial.

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