What Is An Air Powered Vacuum Conveyor And What Do They Do?

There are a variety of tools and resources that are used in the business world, regardless of industry. They serve different purposes, but each business usually includes them in their normal operations for a particular reason. A business or company might even seek out a specific tool for a specific reason. However, it’s best if you know what that specific tool is and the extent of what it can do before you implement it into your business operations.

What Is An Air Powered Vacuum Conveyor? Air powered vacuum conveyor systems are a type of pneumatic system used to move different materials. This is done using positive or negative air pressure in some way to move the material throughout a network of tubing and piping to its intended destination. With an air powered vacuum conveyor, the air pressure is usually negative to produce pulling instead of positive pressure, which would push the material through the system rather than pull it. Think along the lines of the suction you’d have with a regular vacuum cleaner, but much stronger.

The use of these systems is often intended to move the material from Point A to Point B within a certain amount of time. Often it might be multiple locations, such storage locations, processing, external transportation, etc., that the material is expected to move through during its usage. Depending on the circumstances and the extent of the system, an air powered vacuum conveyor can be used to make sure that everything gets to where it is supposed to go and when it is supposed to get there.

What Kind Of Materials Can It Be Used With? As with other pneumatic systems, an air powered vacuum conveyor will be used to move dry materials and powdered substances. This can include fine-grain things like sand, salt, and sugar, but also pellets (plastic, metal, etc.), oats, and animal feed. These materials will be in bulk (large-scale) quantities that might not be easy to move through conventional means. Minerals and metals sometimes are in a fine grain or powdered state when they are being used for production purposes, and air powered vacuum conveyor system can be quite effective for transferring them throughout the production line.

Who or What Kind of Company Uses It? Technically, any company that uses the above-mentioned materials in bulk quantities could use an air powered vacuum conveyor system. However, this type of system is often used in manufacturing and production settings where the material in question is being refined or transformed into a final product. Any company that needs to regularly transport large amounts of dry materials within their operations, however, could benefit from the usage of a pneumatic system like an air powered vacuum conveyor.

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