What Happens When You Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are two words people never want to have their dentist utter. This is mostly because people do not fully understand how the procedure is carried out and why. When your tooth becomes damaged because of a cavity or infection, a root canal can help to save your tooth and prevent loss. This procedure can allow you to keep your tooth and stop any pain you are feeling. Through the Dentists in Oyster Bay NY, your tooth can be completely cleaned out, so it is no longer in danger of becoming damaged.

A root canal is a straightforward procedure that has been used for many years, to treat all types of problems with the teeth. To start the procedure, you will be completely numbed, so you feel no pain or discomfort. Once you are numb, the dentist can open your tooth, so he or she has full access to the inner portions.

The Dentists in Oyster Bay NY will remove the soft tissues and the nerve that reside inside your tooth. Once these are removed, the dentist will use canal files, to scrape down the inside of your roots, so all traces of diseased tissue can be removed. The tooth is rinsed and checked multiple times, to make sure all infection and tissue have been effectively removed by the canal files.

If you simply had a decay problem, the dentist will fill the opening of your tooth with a special filling material. In the event you were suffering with infection, the dentist may pack the tooth with antibiotic medication, to make sure the infection is cleared before the tooth is sealed.
Once your tooth has been sealed, the dentist will check the stability of your tooth and may make the decision to cap your tooth with a crown. A crown will completely cover your tooth, so it is sealed off. With the crown in place, your tooth will be shielded from damage.

If you are in need of a root canal or any other dental procedure, contact the Locust Valley Dental Group. They can help to prepare you for your procedure and will answer any questions you may have, so you completely feel at ease. Visit  for more details.


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