What does the best stock market application for Android do?

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Business

The stock market is a dynamic one as long as it is open. You need to track its developments frequently as there is no guarantee when it would soar or plunge. Gluing your eyes to the computer screen is not possible all the time which is why you should have a stock market application for Android for it. There are several apps that inform you of the developments in the financial market which shall help you make better decisions about your stocks and mutual funds.

The stock market application for Android is much like what you watch on TV along with some added features. It provides you live information about the stock market of your country (some also provide information of important markets such as NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE and NYSE) along with important news.

1. Prices of stocks- The most important feature of the application is to provide you with live prices of stocks. The prices of top companies of the NSE/BSE are shown along with NSE options and futures, equity options and futures etc. are offered on the application. The app is refreshed every 2-5 minutes to offer you current information about the market.

2. Stock Watch list- There may be certain stocks in which you are interested to invest or have invested already and want to track your money. The stock watch list allows you to view the performance of shares from a particular company through the day. You can also manage your investment portfolio through the app.

3. Current market information- Announcements that are crucial to the performance of the stock market are available on the application, right after they are made. You can read up on them and make better investments.

4. Intra-day trading chart- A lot of investors are day traders who need to know how a company’s shares are performing in order to book their profits because the market closes. The intra-day trading chart with complete pricing information is available here.

5. Currencies and commodities- The market for currencies and commodities is huge and many invest in them to diversify. Some applications have current price listings of these as well.

With the stock market application for Android, you can have the latest news at your fingertips along with prices of stocks, options, derivatives, commodities and currencies for managing your investment portfolio. Geojitbnpparibas.com has an informative app which can be downloaded for better management of investments by booking profits at the right time.

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