What Do Crowd Control Barriers Do?

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

Crowd control barriers are a normal part of public events that many people rarely think about. They come in a wide variety of forms and many event and venue organizers use them for multiple purposes. However, many are unclear as to what those barriers actually do and why they are used in the first place. To allow for a better understanding of what barriers do when it comes to crowd control.

Ensure Safety
More often than not, crowd control barriers are used to ensure the safety of attendees at an event. Many venues will place barriers at entrances that are off limits to the public to prevent them from wandering into areas that may be dangerous for them. Venues often use barriers to keep an event’s attendees at the event, which prevents people from getting lost or entering illegally. Barriers can also be used to keep event attendees out of the path of event traffic, like at a parade.

Maintain Order
Crowd control barriers are usually put in place so event or venue organizers can have some semblance of control over a situation. The barriers are put in place to maintain order and to allow staff to take the proper actions should something happen. Many venues will have temporary barriers on hand for staff to set up when accidents happen so the proper personnel can take action without being hindered.

Allow Communication
A barrier typically sends a message of “DO NOT ENTER” to the appropriate people without anyone actually having to say anything. It establishes the authority of the people who are using the barriers and allows them to communicate on a large scale. Blocking off an area using barriers can state that it’s unsafe for the public to be there, while removing them states that it is now ok to go there. The traffic of a crowd can be directed using a series of barriers; people cannot go to a spot that they cannot access, therefore limiting their options.

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