Well-Designed Stock Aluminum Extrusions

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Business

Stock aluminum extrusions are cost-effective alternatives to more expensive building materials, such as steel and iron. On top of that, they are extremely versatile, making them useful to any number of interior and exterior construction, decorating or refurbishing projects.

What Is It?
Aluminum extrusions are made from a complex process specifically geared toward achieving the standard or unique cross-sectionals necessary in a variety of construction and decorating projects. Extrusion is the process of forcing a malleable compound into a new shape. So, in creating an aluminum extrusion a mold, such as an “F” or “angle” die, is first created. Then, heated aluminum is pushed into the mold. After several chemical treatments to prevent oxidization, the aluminum extrusion is cooled, hardened, and removed from the die.

In general, stock aluminum extrusions can be of variable length and size, but they are created to fit the most commonly needed types of corners, mouldings, etc. for different projects, such as:

* Channel
* Angle
* Corner
* F, h, H, T, and Z

Why an Aluminum Extrusion?
Stock aluminum extrusions are lightweight while still being highly durable. These unique properties mean that aluminum can be used in any number of indoor and outdoor projects. Its weight makes it easy to work with while its durability means that it maintains its shape and structure, holding up against the wind, rain, and heavy wear and tear.

Additionally, these aluminum extrusions are made with the intention of being used with all of your cutting and mounting tools. They can be used with a

* Punch
* Drill
* Saw
* De burr knife
* CNC machine

What are the Uses of Aluminum Extrusions?
Stock extrusions made from aluminum are necessary parts of any number of construction projects. They have been used as trim on trailers, parts of space shuttles, cars, and in architecture projects on the trims and corners of homes and business buildings. Also, aluminum extrusions can be useful in decorating. They can be placed on furniture, used as edging on a mirror, or provide fashionable accents to a counter, stairway, floor, or lighting fixture. These products truly have a wide variety of applications.

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