Web Press Printing or Sheet-fed Options, Which is Better?

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Business & Society

As a company, you likely need items printed for multiple purposes. Most office functions can be handled through the use of email, but when it comes to customer retention and drawing new customers in, you will likely want regular printed material to be mailed out. This can include catalogs, reminder postcards, flyers, banners and more. It is important to determine the best type of printing for your needs. Both sheet-fed and web press printing are good options, but it will depend on what you need printed. Each one has its own special abilities and best practices, so it is a good idea to know the difference. This gives you more information and the ability to choose the most cost-effective option that produces to your needs.

Web Press

Traditional web press prints use very large rolls of paper for most standard print jobs in business. These can produce in high volumes so that people can print out a lot of the same thing to mail or use in an office.

In the past, direct mail and annual reports were required by many companies and thousands of copies were required. This doesn’t happen as frequently, but you may still need thousands of copies of your catalog or other mailings.

Newer versions of the web press option allow the job to be ready to print more quickly and can reduce paper waste. This option is also faster than sheet-fed versions, sometimes up to four times faster, which is economical and efficient.


This type of print works really well if you need to print on both sides of the page at the same time or want larger sheet sizes than a web press option can allow. Wide and narrow prints can be done through sheet-fed, as well as others.

Webs are a bigger capital investment, but sheet-fed printers have new ways to compete including roll-to-sheet conversions. This new invention allows the sheet-fed printing companies to purchase rolls of paper, which is less expensive, allowing the person purchasing the print to save money due to lower paper costs.


Sheet-fed options work better for specialty jobs including large posters, heavy paper, specialty colors and unusual sizes. Sheet-feds are also less expensive to operate and purchase.

Web press printing is faster and more efficient, especially when printing multiple items. They also have higher quality prints.

web press printing is the perfect option for those who need to print many of the same items and want them to be of high quality. Consider McAdams Graphics today.

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