Using A Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

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When looking at hydraulic cylinders, you may consider them in term so being single or double acting. A single acting hydraulic cylinder is one of the most common and popular types available on the market. It consistently holds its position because of its characteristics as well as its price.

What Does a Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Consist Of?

Hydraulic cylinders are simple devices. Overall, they consist of two major components: a tube (cylinder) and a piston rod (shaft). The rest is material that holds them together and helps them work properly. Of particular importance to a single acting, the hydraulic cylinder is the piston and the rod.

The piston lies within the cylinder. The hydraulic fluid pushes against it. In a single acting cylinder, the fluid pressure only pushes in one direction. This is either extended or retract. The rod is the part that exits through the eye (hole) of the end cap of the cylinder. There are two types of single acting cylinders. They are piston and ram cylinders.

Why Prefer a Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

The single acting hydraulic cylinder is not the only option. A company can also consider using a double acting hydraulic cylinder. Single acting hydraulic cylinders continue to remain popular for many reasons. Among the most common ones are:

* Price: Single acting cylinders are less expensive than are double acting ones
* Mounting Options: They can be mounted in practically any position
* Connectivity: In the case of double acting hydraulic cylinders, there are more components to connect in order to ensure the system runs smoothly. Single acting cylinders are less complex cutting down on the number of connections you would need employ in, for example, a lift or jack is more user-friendly when it is single acting than when it is double acting
* Applications: A single acting hydraulic cylinder is very versatile. It can be utilized in a variety of applications.

These capabilities and characteristics make single acting cylinders perfect for and preferred in many industrial applications.

Applications of the Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Overall hydraulic cylinders are employed in a variety of industries. They include agriculture, trucking, oil and gas, the military, fire and rescue, government equipment and service stations. A single acting hydraulic cylinder is employed in:

* Jacks and pumps
* Lifts
* Operating of flaps
* Operating of doors
* Ejection devices
* Hydraulic rams

Many lifting and pressing devices use single acting cylinders. They can be used in a range of equipment. While it may be argued that double acting cylinders are more versatile, the single acting hydraulic cylinder still remains dominate with industries who require and use reciprocating engines.

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