Use Promotional Bottled Water for Your Business!

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Business

People love a giveaway. It’s no secret that promotional items can be the key to business success. Deciding what time to use for your promotional purposes? Now that can be a little trickier. One giveaway that has enjoyed evergreen popularity is the promotional bottled water label, especially when that label is customized with an attractive logo and wrapped around an ice-cold drink!

The Free Drink Phenomenon

If you visit any college campus, office building or shopping center, one of the most popular things you’ll see used for marketing purposes is free food or drink. People always love a free sample and handing them a snack or drink will always put a smile on their face. Why not have that smile associated with your business? At Alexa Springs, we can do just that for you.

Logo bottled water cashes in on two major trends in marketing: handing your potential customer something they perceive as a great giveaway item, and giving them something practical that just happens to have your logo on it. When they drink the water right now, they’ll associate that refreshment with your brand’s generosity and other people around them will see your logo as well. If they stash it away to drink at another time? They’ll catch another glimpse of that logo when they reach for it, reminding them again of your brand’s love for their customers.

How to Make Our Water Yours

Whatever your promotional bottled water label needs, wherever you do business, Alexa Springs is not far away. Our service areas include Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Chambersburg, PA, North Powder, OR and Medley, FL. With seven strategic bottling locations, we are always close enough for you to taste it! Shipping is fast and economical, regardless of your location. Promote your business today; call the industry leaders at Alexa Springs!

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