Underrated Drain Cleaning Accessories That Every Professional Drain Cleaner Must Own

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Business

Every professional drain cleaner realizes the importance of having the right cable machine. Even drain inspection systems have become commonplace in the industry. But many cleaners still fail to understand why they need to have various drain cleaning accessories with them at all times.

Imagine you are on a job and your blade wears out. If you don’t have a replacement with you, you’d be at a loss. It doesn’t make you look good in front of your customer, not to mention the time you’ve wasted. Some drain cleaning accessories that are a must in every toolbox include blades and blade chucks, cable ends, splice cores and end fittings.

Drain Cleaning Blades

Blades go at the end of your cable machine and are used to clear away all manner of blockages. All blades aren’t the same and don’t have the same functionality. While one type may be used to scoop and remove grease build-up, another can tear away at the toughest roots that may have crept into a drain line. You need to be equipped with a range of blades so that you are always ready for the task at hand. This is one drain-cleaning accessory you can’t do without.

At Duracable, we manufacture blades using high-carbon spring steel. This makes them highly resistant to corrosion and wear. They are available in a number of sizes. You’ll need the smaller blades when cleaning small 1’ drains, and larger ones for 16’ main sewer lines. We offer 10 different shapes plus a number of specialty cutters to meet your requirements.

Other Drain Cleaning Accessories

There are a couple of other drain-cleaning accessories that you should know about. We’ve talked about blades, but blades need blade chucks to help them stay in place. Not all blade chucks fit all blades, so make sure you stock up on the right ones.

Then there are splice cores. The fact is drain cleaning involves working in a tough environment. There is always the chance that you might break your cable as it slides along the rough surfaces of a drain. Having the right splice core can help you fix the problem on the spot.

Last but not the least, there are end fittings that are required to attach blades and other attachments to your machine cable. Depending on the attachment and model of the cable machine, these could be male, female or split joint cable ends.

Duracable – Your Number 1 Source for Drain Cleaning Accessories

Duracable is a leader in the drain cleaning business. We have been helping professionals like you provide quality services for over 25 years. We carry all the drain-cleaning accessories you could ever need. Whether you want spare parts or accessories that can add to the performance of your cable machine, you can depend on us. All of our cable accessories are made from steel rod for enhanced strength and longevity. Visit our website or call us on 877-244-0740 and let us help you.

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