Types of Book Bindery

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Business & Society

While you probably don’t think a whole lot about book bindery, Wisconsin businesses have plenty of needs that can be satisfied by a good book binding company. No, that doesn’t just mean books. It means calendars, manuals, catalogs and presentations just to name a few.

Binding Methods
If you need something to be bound, you’ve got some choices as to how it’s done. That’s why you need to do your homework regarding book bindery. Businesses have long been in need of this type of service. Here are just some of your choices when deciding on a binding method.
* Plastic Comb: This is a very practical binding method as it allows for the addition or removal of pages after the document is bound. You have a variety of colors to choose from and the plastic comb can be imprinted to complement any cover.
* Wire-O: This double loop method of binding produces a lay-flat result. It also allows for cross-alignment between pages. Wire-O is the preferred choice when you’re considering wire binding. The sheet crossover, or cross alignment is a key feature.
* Plastic Spiral: This versatile method of binding offer many advantages over wire binding. Its flexibility makes it crush resistant and extremely durable for mailings. The coils are also lightweight and scratch resistant.
* Spiral Wire: The ease of lay flat use is a much asked for feature. Binding with spiral wire can accommodate this need. Standard wire colors are black, brown, red, green, white, blue and brass. PMS color match is available for special productions.
* Tinning: This is binding by crimping a metal strip along the edges of sheets. This is especially good for calendars, charts and posters. This is a good choice when items are going to be hung and the edges need to be flush against the wall.

As you can see, when you are faced with a binding project, you have many choices. You should make your decision based on your needs and on your budget. Also keep in mind whether you’ll be mailing items or distributing them in person. Know your audience and how they’ll be using your bound material. Make it practical for them.

Binding Edge has been serving Wisconsin and the Greater Chicago area for almost 20 years. Visit them at http://www.bindingedge.com for more information.

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