Turf Seeder Equipment That Goes Beyond Expectations

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Agriculture

Whether it’s your lawn, golf course, athletic field or your commercial business, one of the first things people tend to notice is the state of the grass. Seeding your lawn can be labor-intensive as well as time-sensitive. For these reasons, attaining healthy and impeccably manicured grass starts at the beginning with proper seeding techniques. This is to include proper seeding equipment and technology, like that of the Power Seeder Shafts from companies like 1st Products. The seeders you will find from this company go above and beyond the usual expectations, and offer exceptional user ability while also managing to avoid some of the less desirable traits that come with other products that provide the same functions.

Grass Seeding and Aeration Go Hand in Hand

Traditional lawn or turf seeders core into the ground, removing cylindrical pieces of earth in order to create space for aeration and germination. Not only is this messy, it doesn’t allow for complete aeration of roots. The major difference with Power Seeder Shafts is that they are not designed to disrupt the surface of your lawn or turf; they are designed to fracture the soil. This type of soil manipulation is achieved with multi-tine or spike shaft technology that vibrates and agitates the ground around and beneath each spike as it passes over. This allows for a more significant amount of air exchange to enter right where your grass needs it, at the roots.

Try Proper Seeding Equipment Before Replacing Your Current Turf

While creating a plush and healthy lawn or turf is far more involved than just seeding there is quite a lot to be said for machinery and equipment that can help you do it right on the first pass. Not only does the proper seeding equipment save you time, it can save you money as well since proper turf or lawn equipment is what keeps your grass and soil healthier and for longer. If you are interested in enhancing your current lawn or turf, consider utilizing the tools offered by 1st Products, and let them help you save your lawn as well as time and money.

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